Our Company

About IACX

IACX Energy is a midstream company that owns and operates gathering, compression, dehydration, NGL processing, condensate removal, and gas treating facilities. In addition to traditional midstream services, IACX also employs proprietary nitrogen rejection and helium recovery units. IACX Energy highly values our Producer relationships and will design a solution based on the needs of the Producer.

Our Promise

IACX is committed to implanting best practices in the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources that minimizes or avoids environmental impacts and complies with environmental laws and regulations. From a quality standpoint, our Nitrogen Rejection and Helium Recovery Units exceed industry standards for parts and manufacturing and are backed with guaranteed performance. We respect the fact that our mode of processing will not fit every application, and if our processing style doesn’t fit your needs, we will point you in the right direction.


Midstream Services

We provide gathering, processing, and treating services to oil and gas producers. IACX will design, construct, and operate natural gas gathering, treating, and processing facilities. IACX owns and operates the assets and will structure an agreement to best fit the producer’s needs.

Nitrogen Rejection

IACX Energy’s nitrogen rejection units (“NRUs”) provide producers with an economic option to treat high-nitrogen gas. IACX NRUs are scalable and modular, providing producers with the flexibility to match a growing project’s needs.

Helium Recovery

Helium is a valuable commodity usually found in natural gas containing high levels of inert gases. Typical gas analyses do not test for helium, therefore its presence is often undetected. To determine if helium is present, request the lab test specifically for helium.