Helium Projects

Helium is a valuable commodity that can be commercial in very small quantities, as low as 0.5%. Depending on gross volume and concentrations, recovering helium can add up to $1.00/MSCF of netback value to the producer.
Otis Project

  • In Barton, Rush, Ellsworth, and Rice counties in Kansas, IACX controls over 100 miles of steel pipe gathering gas for producers that contains high levels of nitrogen and helium.
  • IACX gathers, compresses, dehydrates, removes NGLs, treats for nitrogen, and purifies helium from the raw natural gas
  • IACX markets the residue gas, NGLs, and helium and retains a portion of the revenue as our fee. This maximizes the value of the gas stream for the producers.

Peak Project

  • IACX has installed a centralized HRU and three NRUs processing gas from multiple gathering systems central Kansas.
  • Produced gas is treated for nitrogen to meet pipeline specifications and the helium is recovered to maximize the netback value for the producers.
  • IACX operates the NRUs, HRU, field compression, plant compression, and markets the gas & helium, retaining a portion of the proceeds as IACX’s fee.
  • Gas is produced from the Arbuckle, Chase, and Mississippian formations with inlet helium concentrations ranging from 1.5%-2.0%.

Harley Dome Project

  • IACX and a partner are developing the Harley Dome Project in eastern Utah, classified as United States Helium Reserve #2 by Executive Order of Franklin D. Roosevelt in June of 1933.
  • The resevoir rock is the Entrada sandstone with helium concentrations approaching 8.0% with trace levels of hydrocarbons, making this a pure helium project.

Woodside Dome Project

  • IACX will be developing the Woodside Dome field as the operator of the wells and processing plant.
  • There are multiple prospective helium zones containing between 0.7%-1.5% helium.
  • Woodside Dome was classified as United States Helium Reserve #1 by Executive Order of Calvin Coolidge in 1924.

Paden Project

  • IACX has installed an HRU, processing the helium-rich vent stream off of a cryogenic NRU in central Oklahoma.
  • The raw produced gas requires nitrogen rejection to upgrade the heating value of the gas to meet pipeline specifications. The helium is concentrated in the NRU vent stack up to about 1% helium.
  • IACX employs a combination of a membrane and PSA plant to upgrade the helium to a refined product, retaining a percentage of the helium revenue as the fee.

DBK Project

  • IACX has installed two (2) HRUs totaling 4,000 Mcf/d of gross gas capacity located in Apache County, Arizona.
  • IACX operates the HRUs for a fixed fee as well as markets the helium, retaining a portion of the helium sales as an additional fee.
  • The produced gas contains between 3%-5% helium with the balance being primarily nitrogen.

Badger Wash Project

  • IACX has agreed with the producer to set two (2) NRU trains plus an HRU in western Colorado.
  • The produced gas requires nitrogen removal to meet pipeline specifications and the helium adds another revenue stream for the producer.
  • IACX operates the NRUs for a fixed fee and markets the helium, retaining a portion of the helium sales as a fee.