Meeting Your
Midstream Services Needs

We provide gathering, processing, and treating services to oil and gas producers.

IACX Energy is a fully integrated helium production, processing and marketing company.  The company’s current midstream assets are concentrated in central Kansas, eastern New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle, and include approximately 5,000 miles of gas gathering pipelines, along with facilities for the extraction of NGLs, helium, nitrogen, CO2 and H2S.  Additionally, IACX controls roughly 150,000 acres of mineral interests in helium-rich basins across the western U.S. and is actively developing three high-helium fields.  In addition to using its proprietary helium purification technology in support of its upstream and midstream businesses, the company provides fee-based helium processing and marketing services to third parties at various locations.

IACX currently operates thirteen discrete helium purification facilities in six states in the U.S. and one Canadian province.


Midstream Services

We provide gathering, processing, and treating services to oil and gas producers. IACX will design, construct, and operate natural gas gathering, treating, and processing facilities. IACX owns and operates the assets and will structure an agreement to best fit the producer’s needs.

Nitrogen Rejection

IACX Energy’s nitrogen rejection units (“NRUs”) provide producers with an economic option to treat high-nitrogen gas. IACX NRUs are scalable and modular, providing producers with the flexibility to match a growing project’s needs.

Helium Recovery

Helium is a valuable commodity usually found in natural gas containing high levels of inert gases. Typical gas analyses do not test for helium, therefore its presence is often undetected. To determine if helium is present, request the lab test specifically for helium.

Operations & Assets

As of today, IACX has 12 plants either operating or under development across six states and one province. We are currently constructing additional plants, expanding into new areas.