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Nitrogen Rejection

Nitrogen and Helium Basins United States

IACX Energy's nitrogen rejection units ("NRUs" or "Nitrogen Sponges") provide producers with an economic option to treat high-nitrogen gas.  IACX NRUs are scalable and modular, providing producers with the flexibility to match a growing project's needs.

IACX's non-cryogenic nitrogen rejection units are guaranteed to work. Our treating units can accommodate a wide range of operating conditions, effectively removing nitrogen concentrations as high as 60%. Our systems require virtually no pretreatment, and are well-suited for rich (high-BTU) and lean gas streams alike. Hydrocarbon recoveries through IACX's systems regularly exceed 95%.

Various IACX Nitrogen Rejection Unit applications:

Nitrogen Rejection Unit


Plant capacity can be easily increased as volumes from the field grow.  NRUs can be expanded in the field by upsizing the plant's adsorbent vessels or adding NRU trains.

IACX leases its treating units on a turnkey basis, thereby eliminating the need for upfront capital investments by producers. Further, IACX will operate and maintain each NRU.

Helium is often found in commercial quantities in high nitrogen natural gas. IACX is able to capture and purify this valuable commodity onsite using its proprietary Helium Sponge technology.  Our nitrogen rejection and helium recovery units work together seamlessly.

Nitrogen Sponge Operating Ranges

Inlet Pressure 35 to 75 psig
Inlet N2 Level: 5-60%
Flow Rates: (Mcfd) 500-20,000
Typical Methane Recoveries: (nitrogen level specific) 92-97%
Residue Nitrogen Level ~3%