Helium Recovery


Pictured above:  IACX's Harley Dome Field Helium Plant, Grand County, Utah

Helium is a valuable commodity usually found in natural gas containing high levels of inert gases. Typical gas analyses do not test for helium, therefore its presence is often undetected. To determine if helium is present, request the lab test specifically for helium.

Helium is used in medical applications like MRI machines, as an environmental gas in welding and producing fiber-optic cables, manufacturing of electronic devices, many areas of research and cryogenics and as a lifting gas for blimps and weather balloons.


What is Helium Used For - IACX Energy

Helium concentrations as low as 0.5% can be economic to recover. Depending on the project's parameters, producers' netback attributable to helium can range from $0.25 to over $1.00 per Mcf. 

IACX's proprietary, non-cryogenic helium recovery units can economically extract and purify helium from natural gas, to high purity and with minimal helium losses. IACX will design, install, and operate a helium plant and provide a market for your helium. 

 Below is a map of known helium areas:


High Helium Areas - IACX Energy




Pictured above: IACX helium jumbo tube trailers