Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does IACX work on alternative gas applications, such as landfill or digester gas?

A: We’ll consider it. We have tested our process on an operating Waste Management landfill in Mississippi and were successful in removing 40% CO2 to <2%, as well as virtually all of the volatile organic compounds (“VOCs”), including siloxanes. The one observation that gave us pause was the drastically variable composition of the gas on an intraday basis. In such an event, meeting a rigid pipeline specification would be problematic. Therefore, we'll only consider closed system landfills. Digester gas applications generally have more appeal to us because the composition of the gas typically remains fairly constant. We will be happy to take a look at any such applications... as long as the inquiring entity is a principal in the project.

Q: Would IACX sign a Confidentiality Agreement (“CA”) in a particular area that I am working to protect a particular concept?

A: Maybe. We’d rather NOT see your project until you’ve leased up all of the critical acreage. We will consider a CA as long as it is reasonably defined and as long as an existing leasehold is already in place

Q: What distinguishes the Nitrogen Sponge from other nitrogen rejection processes in the marketplace today?

A: Simply put, IACX assets work at low pressures and low volumes (atypical in the nitrogen rejection space). The process of pressure swing adsorption (IACX's mode of gas separation) is 100% scalable, though associated equipment costs are not. In order to tackle this reality, IACX has standardized three sizes of Nitrogen Sponges (500MCFD, 1,000MCFD, 2,000MCFD - all presuming 25% nitrogen and 60psig inlet pressure). On a per-MCF basis, the smaller the stream of gas, the more costly the processing; however, the smaller Units are easier to move - a true benefit for uncertain gas reserves. This standardization keeps us away from the drawing board and allows for more seamless fabrication and asset deployment activities. To our knowledge, there is no company in the world today that can hold a candle to our Nitrogen Sponge in the low pressure, low volume natural gas space. But don't believe us, poke around and see what you find.